Happy birthday to…

Henry Feierstein (117 years old today!)

Henry Earl Smith (134 years old today!)

Charles August Gest (141 years old today!)

Who are these guys and why should I care about them?

Henry Feierstein is related to my in-laws’ side of the family tree, and I admit I don’t have a lot of information about him. He was a lifelong farmer in the Town of Belgium, born on the homestead in tiny Lake Church, WI, and it appears that both he and his sister Frances never married or moved from the family farm. The homestead is now part of the state park system at Harrington Beach along Lake Michigan.

But the Feierstein family history is quite an interesting one, including Henry’s cousin who was both a state assemblyman and a roadhouse proprietor raided for liquor law violations, and his grandfather who was imprisoned at Camp Randall during the Civil War for protesting the draft… a tale I will save for another day.

Henry Smith is from another branch of the in-laws’ family tree, and admittedly a rather distant cousin at that. So there’s not much to say about him, except that apparently his dad’s name was Orice Hoadley Smith, which is as awesome a name as any I’ve heard before.

Charles Gest is the husband of Amelia Strege, and therefore the brother-in-law of the Albert Strege I wrote about in my last post. He and Amelia lived in the Watertown area for most of their lives, and had at least six children.


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