An addendum

Since I talked in my last post about the Struck and Ziemann families, I thought I’d go a little further into some interesting tidbits related to this research.

As I mentioned, my grandfather Walter Struck recalls a trip to Omemee, ND back in 1940. It was actually a sort of honeymoon for him and his new wife, Esther Heling, since they had been married in late 1938. Accompanying them on their trip were their parents Frank & Mary Struck, and Bill & Ida Heling. This is something that not many would consider appealing these days! But it does appear these families were very close, and travelled together frequently.

A photo of Walter Struck and his young bride Esther in North Dakota on their honeymoon.

Incidentally, what Walter remembered most about the Ziemanns was that they lived a very poor and spare existence in North Dakota. He said they ran a wheat farm and had no indoor plumbing, and he remembers August Ziemann telling his father Frank Struck that they hadn’t had a good crop in more than 10 years. (Remember that this is the tail-end of the Depression and Dustbowl days).

From looking at earlier census records, it appears that August and his wife Anna lived in Minnesota for a time before they relocated to North Dakota, and they had two children: Elenora and Walter. According to the census, Walter Ziemann would have been about 27 years old in 1940. His father August would have been 68, and his wife Anna 58. Elenora would have been 31.

I have a few odd photographs in my archives that have been tentatively labeled as being from that trip. The only clue was that Walter Struck thought the photo of the man nursing a lamb was one of his Ziemann cousins. Then, as I was going through some other mystery photos I thought I recognized some familiar faces. What do you think?

This is the photo Walter S. tentatively identified as Ziemann – maybe his cousin Walter Z.?

Note the similarity of the man holding the lamb in this photo. If this is Walter Z., could this be his parents August and Anna? And is that his sister Elenora in back by the cars?

This photo (likely taken by Walter S.) shows a number of the Struck and Heling relatives, along with what I suspect are the Ziemanns. What would help would be identifying the building in the background! From left to right, this is who I suspect each person is: August Z., Walter Z., Frank Struck, Ida Heling (front), William Heling (back), Mary Struck, maybe Elenora Ziemann?, and Esther Heling-Struck.

Another photo that was evidently taken the same day, judging by the patterns on the women’s dresses. It does appear to be the same people as above with one exception: the woman in white standing next to August Ziemann.

 from l-r: Walter Z., Mary and Frank Struck, August Z., unknown, Esther Heling-Struck, Elenora Z., Ida and Bill Heling.


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